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Two big technical traps of rosewood furniture

How to avoid the trap of technology in front of unscrupulous businessmen set up this problem, how to choose a good piece of mahogany furniture is obviously a follow-up question, because once in the previous issue of “bad”, choose the furniture has become a mirage foam. Therefore, in this regard, the market for common mahogany furniture technical traps, “Oriental mahogany”, to remind consumers to buy mahogany furniture should be particularly careful.
A big trap: mortise and tenon structure
Mortise and tenon structure is the basis of assembling a mahogany furniture. If there is no precise mortise and tenon structure, then the mahogany furniture is like a person who has lost his bones and has no support. And if a mahogany furniture has a good mortise and tenon structure, this piece of furniture can last thousands of years without a bad one.
In the mahogany furniture market, driven by some bad business interests, the interests of consumers to ignore. In order to save labour and materials, they used false mortise instead of mortise mortise. Because the mortise and tenon structure is hidden in the interior of the furniture, it can not be seen outside, thus causing many consumers to suffer losses”.
True T-shaped structure
Use of a wide range of T-shaped structure, connection to table or cabinet Cheng and legs, small bed curtains, table flower teeth can save material, are useful to.

Electric kitchen hutch pattern shake: household electrical appliance enterprises cross-border grab market difficult to grab the heart

Some people say that this year, the biggest aspect of the kitchen is not Fang Taihe boss, but Haier and the United states. Obviously, this is to take the traditional home appliance business scale expansion of thinking, think with “large scale, channels, platforms and other advantages, can snatch the kitchen electric industry top spot, become a leader in this field.
Undeniably, the last two years, Haier Midea’s two major appliance giants across the board into the kitchen power industry, and in revenue scale on the rise, and beyond the two major brands of professional kitchen electricity has been a matter of course. However, it is still difficult to snatch consumers’ preferred position for the kitchen brand. Ultra high relative to the United States of Haier, the influence in the home appliance industry and comprehensive strength, seems to be invincible in the field of various household appliances. FOTILE, the owner of the brand in the kitchen industry to establish brand awareness, user stickiness, but also far beyond the outside imagination.
Looking back at the traditional home appliance enterprises in the implementation of the past 30 years, the strong rise, rely on is the “large-scale manufacturing, low cost distribution, marketing channel, driving off” competition, breaking the foreign foreign leader brand in the China appliance market, now they will also rushed to the market corner, or exit, or contraction, or moved to high-end. Today, the home appliance company, led by Haier and Midea, has begun to focus on the field of kitchen power, after completing the leading position in the major fields such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and water heaters.
The same over the past 20 years, the two giants FOTILE, led by the boss, in the kitchen electric industry “plough” out of a different from the traditional household appliances enterprises “unilateral expansion of the rise of the road, but is fully based on Chinese kitchen cooking habits and reality, and in the ocean electric kitchen competition in technological innovation, out of a single winning, but based on the culture and experience to establish a value driven system.
In the market competition of all household appliances category, the main market of kitchen power is the only one that has not let the low price competition snatch the leading power, and it has been in the channel of price war in recent years. Especially in recent years, FOTILE’s boss, the two companies are constantly industry into the innovation of science and technology, history and culture and high-quality way of life and a series of new elements, and constantly promote the kitchen electric industry in the era of high value led the way.
At present, the United States and Haier in the completion of the white power industry market snatch, began in the kitchen power industry this lucrative new market frequently fired, and achieve rapid revenue scale overtaking. But since entering the snatch market share, FOTILE does not belong to the boss, who dominated the high-end market, but a large two or three line brand and even small micro kitchen space. Plainly, the scale of the rise of Haier, the United States, is to help the China electric kitchen for a new round of market reshuffle, and push up the entry barriers to the industry, eliminate many brand-name and speculators market space.

A dishwasher that can wash pans; a fighter in a dishwasher

Recently to see such a joke: do not want to do the dishes after dinner, for wife, wife said: “you can not do the dishes after dinner every time, also can save cost 0.5 yuan, you do not wash it for you to keep to the next meal, but also not too dirty. And if you’re afraid of falling dust, I can turn the bowl upside down and make sure you don’t have any dust.”
QQ screenshot 20170824082412
Although it’s just a joke, it makes a lot of people feel the same way. Cooking is a process called ingredients into a delicacy can participate in life; eat delicacy that is the process inspection results and enjoy life; after the meal the dishes that the word “abuse”. In the face of all kinds of debris on the table and on the kitchen counter paste bottom of the pot, really do not want to wash, do not want to wash, do not want to wash……
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Last week, a friend asked me which dishwasher in China was worth chopping at double 11, and he had been driven mad by his wife about washing dishes and cooking pots. There is buy a dishwasher, there bestie actually and I complained that marriage dowry dishwasher not easy to use the chopsticks and spoon can wash the dishes, wash the pot is not felt, spent much of the price but not regret buying the dishwasher demands.
The Chinese family use dishwasher pain points, such as the inability to wash this problem, more and more domestic brand manufacturers with ingenious design and exquisite technology to achieve the dishwasher quality upgrade, not only function more perfect, the price is more close to the people. Dishwasher now the price is 3000 yuan, not only the price is moderate, and large capacity, whether it is a deep bowl or pot soup ladle can be thrown into the dishwasher to clean thoroughly, the liberation of the hands, to save time.
For example, a family of three users, one with double block beauty WQP8-7602-CN dishwasher should start, 9 sets of capacity, the three layer adjustable bowl baskets, pots and pans easily accommodated 360 degrees; the use of three-dimensional high-pressure flushing, high temperature of 70 soluble oil decontamination sterilization, scientific cleaning, without fear of oi

Bid farewell to the era of high growth, kitchen electricity industry will go where?

It can be confirmed that, for nearly 20 years of high growth era of China’s kitchen industry will end, and then will return to the normal path of industrial sustainable development. However, does this mean that the kitchen industry will begin to “rise or fall” from the second half of 2017, and also need to reconfirm the performance and market observation of the leading enterprises?.
Kitchen industry emergency, stop up, callback, or will become a major news of China’s household electrical appliance industry next. In fact, from last year’s decisive shot to strengthen efforts to control the real estate market, and after 10-12 months of delay buffer period, the external market environment in the second quarter of this year has already begun to have a lasting and profound influence on the development of kitchen electrical industry, and will be a drag on the market performance in the second half and the next two years.
Over the past 20 years, the kitchen appliance industry in China’s home appliance market staged “thriving” rapid growth, mainly due to the huge population bonus under the rigid market demand. First, the upgrading of the urban family kitchen, followed by the upgrading of rural families kitchen. It can be said that for nearly 20 years of rapid development of real estate, as well as the rapid improvement of family housing conditions, the kitchen power industry “volume increase Li Long” the biggest power. This is a fact that no kitchen electric company can deny.
Of course, different from the traditional large and small household electrical appliances field, the kitchen power industry related enterprises in the past 20 years have also come out of a product and demand driven new road, get rid of low price chaos warfare, and seek new ways of high-value development. The first is the use of China family unique smoked grilled cooking, a foreign enterprise is difficult to break through the “kitchen electric products, the definition of right threshold and commercial space so that local enterprises can have independent innovation and development on the product.
Then, based on the industry and the fast threshold, let China kitchen electric enterprises can better carry out the functions of products and technology around user needs continuous innovation, the formation of a new pattern of China appliance industry unique “high-end leader”. Therefore, all Chinese and foreign kitchen appliances can not deny the role and contribution of FOTILE and the boss in the industry.
Over the past 20 years, only by virtue of “lampblack machine, gas cooker, disinfection cabinet,” the three major product lines, Chinese kitchen electric industry was born, including the boss FOTILE, Sacon, Vatti, Vanward, and Macro as the representative of a large number of well-known enterprises. At the same time, it also attracts the participation and competition of foreign brands such as SIEMENS and Electrolux. More importantly, Chinese enterprises have been in the forefront of the kitchen power industry since the beginning, while the foreign capital brands have been completely reduced to supporting roles in the process of localization. This is also a major feature of China’s kitchen electrical industry.

In 2017, household appliances industry reported white power inventory, a strong rise in kitchen power

The day before, Haier, TCL, Vatti group, boss appliances and other home appliances listed companies have released a report in 2017, revenue and net profit are both for growth. And from the company has released the report performance point of view, there are more than 80% of the appliance business performance pre hi.
Home appliance industry is mainly divided into black (mainly refers to color TV), white (air conditioning, washing machines, refrigerators category based), kitchen, electricity three major industries. The first half of this year, in addition to white, kitchen electric industry continue to maintain a high growth rate of the previous, the black power industry bigwigs through reform and make snap pre industrial layout, gain a significant profit improvement, so as to promote the industry has broad market.
White electricity, kitchen, electric industry outstanding performance
Benefit from inventory in 2016 for the release of market space, high temperatures and three or four market warming and other favorable factors, air-conditioning market performance is beautiful. 2017 1-6 months, the total retail sales of air-conditioning market grew by 26.3%, the cumulative retail sales grew by 31.9%. 1-5 months, the air conditioner market retail volume and retail sales reached 23 million 990 thousand units and 84 billion yuan, respectively, an increase of 33.2% and 38.8%. Refrigerator industry due to just need, lack of growth momentum, the cumulative retail sales grew by 1.7%, the cumulative retail sales grew by only 4.8%.
Semi annual data of some white power enterprises:
Qingdao Haier
Qingdao Haier first half operating income of 77 billion 576 million yuan, an increase of 59%; owned by the parent net profit of 4 billion 427 million yuan, an increase of 33.54%; operating activities net cash flow of 8 billion 393 million yuan, an increase of 76.53%, achieved in the business scale, global operations, high-end structure, market share, etc. industry leading ecological layout.
Hisense Kelon
Hisense Kelon realized main business income of 15 billion 989 million yuan, an increase of 31.48%; realize attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 672 million yuan, an increase of 20.17%. Company air conditioning sales remained high growth, the scale and efficiency of the same period last year to achieve greater growth. During the reporting period, the shares of the company Hisense Hitachi signing payment, achieved a major breakthrough, revenue grew 56.92%, to further enhance the operational efficiency.
MeiLing electric
MeiLing electric appliances, domestic refrigerator performance outperformed the industry average, business growth, export refrigerator (cabinet) market position has been strengthened; the air conditioning industry rapid growth and rapid development; washing machine; kitchen and small appliances rapid growth. In the first half, the company achieved operating income of 8 billion 518 million yuan, an increase of 24.05%, net profit of 92 million 75 thousand yuan, down 16.29%.
CHIGO Holdings
As of June 30, 2017, CHIGO achieved total revenue of 5 billion 911 million yuan during the period, representing an increase of 20.7% over the same period in 2016. By the international market, bulk raw material prices and labor costs and other factors, the group achieved a profit of 36 million 100 thousand yuan, an increase of 16.1%. CHIGO holdings in China sales amounted to 3 billion 32 million yuan, an increase of 33.1%; overseas sales of 2 billion 879 million yuan, an increase of 9.9%. Among them, CHIGO in the Americas and Europe, respectively, sales achieved 60.4% and 30.5% of the rapid growth.
HOMA first half operating income of 3 billion 290 million yuan, an increase of 32.17%; owned by the parent net profit of 188 million yuan, an increase of 9.9%, the deduction of non owned parent net profit of 190 million yuan, an increase of 12.7%; the second quarter operating income of 2 billion 60 million yuan, an increase of 46.6%, owned by the parent net profit of 140 million yuan, an increase of 8.2%. Omar refrigerator revenue of 3 billion 140 million yuan, an increase of 33%, contributed 95.2% of the company’s revenue, Omar refrigerator attributable to listed companies net profit of 220 million yuan, an increase of 56.3%, to achieve sales of 4 million 443 thousand and 800 units.
The overall performance of the kitchen industry is good. In the background of rising consumption trend and brand awareness, the growth of leading enterprises is obvious. Vatti shares, Zhejiang Meida, the boss appliances are net profit growth. In the first half, Vatti shares revenue of 2 billion 708 million yuan, an increase of 30.36%; net profit of 236 million yuan, an increase of 52.63%.
In the home appliance sector, the growth of kitchen power is most determined. Lampblack machine and gas stove still have development space, and show the high-end trend, industry boom degree is higher.

Kitchen electricity market continued two digit growth, industry scale approaching billion

“In 2017, the kitchen appliance market continued to grow at a two digit rate. Kitchen economy curtain slowly launched, the kitchen appliance market exceeded 100 billion scale close at hand.” This is the latest industry information on the 2017 China kitchen electricity forum held in Beijing in August 24th.
In the Chinese household electrical appliances association and the state information center, information resources development department guidance, China appliance network hosted the summit, the market research company in the PRC, the data show that the first half of 2017, the kitchen electricity market reached 47 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 14.9%, higher than the overall level of the home appliance market growth.
Kitchen power will become another pillar industry
“Kitchen appliances market brisk performance, thanks to the macro consumer environment, the upgrading of the internal structure of the industry, emerging categories of market outbreaks and other positive factors concentrated release.”.” State Information Center Deputy Director of information resources development Cai Ying said that although the real estate market growth in the first half of this year is lower than the same period last year, but still maintained the momentum of year-on-year growth. Shantytowns throughout the country, new urbanization and urban economic circle progress in the development process, the kitchen industry is a clear positive. In addition, with the continuous development of social economy, great changes have taken place in people’s living standards and residential environment, especially the young and emerging consumer groups, the scale of rich families continue to grow, provides a good opportunity for the upgrading of product structure.
Naka Yiyasu, general manager of Jia Dongsheng believes that the market consumption upgrade to promote the kitchen product structure further high-end upgrade. The next line monthly retail monitoring data show that the first half of 2017 hood market price increased 10% over the same period, more than 4000 yuan price range hood products retail volume showed varying degrees of growth; the embedded electric oven market price increased by 5%, more than 8000 yuan price segment products retail volume increased steadily; the exhaust volume of 17 cubic meters or more oil cigarette retail volume market share of 46.2%, an increase of 5.5%, retail market share was 55.1%, an increase of 5%; the embedded gas stove the level of energy efficiency products sales market share of 23.9%, an increase of 11.2 percentage points.
At the same time, with dishwashers, electric ovens, steam ovens as the representative of the emerging kitchen category strong gains. According to the PRC data, the first half of the dishwasher retail sales of 1 billion 830 million yuan, an increase of 134.6%; steam furnace retail sales of 1 billion 220 million yuan, an increase of 47.5%; electric oven retail sales reached 2 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 18.3%.
Orville yunwang vice president Guo Meide believes that relatively ice washing, air and TV category, the popularity of electric kitchen products rate is still low, the market potential has not yet been fully released, the future kitchen electric market there are relatively large space for development.
The PRC forecast, 2017 kitchen electric market will continue to high growth posture continues to advance, the kitchen electricity market will reach 96 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 14.4%.
Chinese household electrical appliances Association vice chairman Xu Dongsheng said that with the kitchen electric industry internal structure upgrading and the continuous progress of the outbreak of the new category of market, kitchen electric market is expected to exceed 100 billion, has become a pillar industry of China appliance industry.

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